Today, we congratulate Lilium for successfully listing on the NASDAQ. Founded in 2015 by ​​Sebastian Born, Matthias Meiner, Patrick Nathen, and Daniel Wiegand, we feel privileged to watch Lilium mark the successful transition from private firm to public company.

Not only does today offer a compelling response to the infamous…

Pactum co-founders (left to right): CTO Kristjan Korjus, CEO Martin Rand & CPO Kaspar Korjus

All businesses buy, and all buyers negotiate. Yet as software continues to integrate itself into large swathes of the day-to-day running of businesses across the world, the art of negotiation remains mostly untouched. Popular understanding of negotiation holds that both parties engage in a tense back and forth until something…

The Aiven founders (left to right): Hannu, Oskari, Heikki and Mika

Modern enterprise quietly reached a remarkable milestone in January 2021. For the first time ever, the adoption of open source database management services superseded equivalent commercial products. Data management problems are now being met, more often than not, by open source solutions.

But for Oskari, Hannu, Mika, Heikki, and the…

The Katana founders (left to right): Kristjan Vilosius, Priit Kaasik and Hannes Kert

Several years ago, a few friends in Estonia started a small manufacturing workshop to sell direct to consumer. Business was good, but spreadsheets didn’t scale as well as the business. It soon became a nightmare to find the right file, the right sheet, and even the right cell to keep…


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